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“Damn it! How dare you retaliate!”


“Attack together! Beat him up!”


The remaining few people were furious. They waved their wooden sticks and surrounded him.

However, Jiang Li’s cowardly image was completely changed in their minds. Not only did he not hug his head and beg for mercy, he even directly faced them.

His speed was extremely fast. When he got close to one of them, he ruthlessly kicked.

That person reacted quickly and placed the wooden stick in front of his feet.

A crisp crack sounded. After Jiang Li kicked the wooden stick, he did not lose momentum and kicked the other party’s abdomen instead, causing his body to be kicked into the air. Then, he flew out, following the footsteps of the first youth.

“You’re dead! You’re dead! You actually dared to attack Li Chao. Our Li family’s Third Duke of the fourth generation has countless troops under him! You and your family are doomed!”


That fellow who was beaten up seemed to have quite a high position in the secular world. A few of the youths surnamed Li’s eyes immediately turned red, and they cursed Jiang Li with bloodthirsty and savage threats.

They all dropped their sticks and went to draw their swords from their waists.

However, how could Jiang Li give them a chance? He leaped three steps away, brandishing his sheathed longsword and slashing at their heads. Before they could even draw their weapons, they were already thrown onto the ground, their heads bleeding and unable to get up.


He kicked their weapons away with his foot and then kicked each of them in the stomach. Then, he looked at the two teenagers who were still standing at the end.


At this moment, they had already drawn their swords, but they did not dare to step forward. They stood on the spot, not knowing what to do.

“You! How can you be so strong? You weren’t like this before!”

A person who was previously weak and feeble and had been easily beaten half to death by them suddenly possessed such strength and defeated them as if he was bullying a child.

This was completely unacceptable to the seven people who had always been the strongest team in the convoy.

“Jiang Li, what happened earlier was led by Wang Lin and Li Chao. It has nothing to do with us.”

“You have already offended the Wang family and the Li family. Now that you have vented your anger, let us go. We can write off everything that happened in the past. We promise to help you plead for leniency. Otherwise, you and your family will be finished!”


When they saw Jiang Li looking at them, the two of them took two steps back, while speaking in an attempt to intimidate Jiang Li into stopping.

“Oh? Is that so? We’re already two countries away from the Great Goose Kingdom, right? If you have the ability to send a message, then give it a try.”


Jiang Li closed in step by step. Their threats were completely useless.

The two youths retreated in fear. O

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