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Clang! Clang! Clang!

A heavy bell chime sounded. This was the same signal as when they set off. It meant that they had arrived at their destination.

His body leaned forward slightly, and he could clearly sense that the flying ship was slowing down.

Soon, the corridor outside became noisy. After all, they were still a group of children, so they were very enthusiastic about fresh things.

It was not until the flying ship descended to a certain height that the locked cabin doors opened. The new disciples swarmed onto the deck and screamed.


It had to be said that the scenery in this world was far more magnificent than the Earth in his previous life.

The wind in front of them was still strong, and when they looked at the enormous gorge that was enveloped by golden light, a silent shock struck the hearts of all the disciples.

That was the Scripture Storage Valley.

The airship slowly landed on a flat spaceport. After the entire ship shook slightly, it announced that their journey to seek immortality had officially started.

“All outer disciples, come to me to collect your disciple uniform and outer sect identity token!”

“Each disciple will take two sets of clothes of the same size. If there are any lost or damaged items, you will have to purchase new ones yourself.”

Unlike the elegant white robes of inner sect disciples, outer sect disciples’ uniforms were more practical.

The inner wear was a gray garment and the outer wear was a navy blue robe. It was resistant to dirt and tearing.

Touching the fabric, it was smooth and supple. It was obviously several grades better than the clothes worn by the officials in the mortal world.

Any item that leaked out from the cultivation world would be a rare treasure in the mortal world.

“Our Scripture Storage Valley was established in the year 2134 of the Nine Provinces Calendar, and it has been 255 years since then. We had 11 founders, but there are only seven left who are still protecting our sect…”


After receiving the items, everyone continued to follow the group. Elder Weng Sanqi slowly narrated the history and culture of the Scripture Storage Valley as he walked.

255 years was enough time for several dynasties to complete the cycle of prosperity and decline.

However, for the cultivation world, this was a bit too short. More than half of the original founders of the Scripture Storage Valley still remained.

The entrance to Scripture Storage Valley was the mouth of this golden rock canyon.

From the entrance of the valley, it looked like a desolate and rugged landscape. However, under Elder Weng Sanqi’s lead, they seemed to have passed through a layer of mist and the world before their eyes suddenly opened up.

The space within the valley was extremely large. It was at least ten times larger than what one could see from outside the valley. Moreover, there was not the slightest bit of desolation. There were flowers, plants

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