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“Right, I should get a water basin.”

From the look of the white-haired Scaled Demon’s rock, Jiang Li was 70% sure that there was a Scaled Demon’s egg inside. This was the white-haired Scaled Demon’s child.

Then the question was, what was the use of an egg of a Scale Demon?

He brought over a basin of water, which was filled with half a bucket of well water. Then, like beating an egg, he placed the rock above the basin. His thumbs pressed between the cracks of the rock and he slowly increased his strength!

Jiang Li was now a true internal force martial artist. His strength was comparable to a pair of iron pincers, and the nails that were infused with internal force were even sharper and tougher than daggers.


The originally imperceptible crack became larger bit by bit. One could see that inside, there was originally a type of white mucus that stuck the stone together.

He suddenly exerted strength!


A round object fell out from the rock and landed on the water basin, causing some splashes before floating on the surface of the water.

This… was a seed?

[Name: Spiritual Root Seed?]


[Type: Trash]


[Grade: Unknown]

[Note: Not recommended for consumption.]

He had guessed wrongly. What was hidden in this stone was not the egg of a Scaled Demon, but something that had been appraised as the spiritual root seed

Spiritual root… Could it be the spiritual root that he was thinking of?

This thing was called a spiritual root seed. Could it be that if it was planted in the soil and watered, it would grow a spiritual root?

Jiang Li was a little confused. Shouldn’t spiritual roots be an abstract form of cultivation talent?

Apart from his descendantroot1, he did not think that he had any physical organs that could be called a “spiritual root”.


Moreover, after reading the appraisal result, there was a question mark behind the name of the spiritual root seed. This was a situation that had never happened before. Jiang Li also did not understand what it represented.

“Strange thing.”

After confirming that there was really nothing else in the rock, Jiang Li picked up the seed and studied it.

Apart from the hard shell of the seed, he did not discover anything else.

After some consideration, Jiang Li found a clay pot in the backyard of the dormitory. After filling it with soil, he watered it with water before planting the seed inside.


This thing should be quite valuable. The appraisal skill indicated that this thing could not be eaten. Since it was a seed, there should not be any problem looking at it.


He placed the pot on the table by the window on the second floor so that the sunlight could shine through the window.

During this time, Yan Hong came again and sent over the monthly allowance from his 19 lackeys.

The monthly allowance of low-grade spiritual root disciples was one spirit stone, five Qi Nourishing Pills and fiv

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