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Jiang Li could not help but feel excited. This golden finger did not have any other use other than to change the duration on the status bar.

A single press of the plus button would increase the duration by one minute. After holding it for five seconds, the duration would become infinite.

By pressing the minus button, the duration would be reduced by one minute. After five seconds, the status would disappear completely.


What did this mean?

This meant that if he ate a pill in the future, it was equivalent to eating this pill forever!


After receiving one enhancement, the power of the enhancement would never disappear!

The only shortcoming was that this golden finger was powerless against certain statuses that had no duration.

Take [Hunger] for example. How could hunger, as a status, have a duration such that it disappeared after a period of time?


When it was time to eat, he still had to eat. After he was done treating his injuries and putting on his clothes, Jiang Li finally opened the carriage door and walked out.


At this moment, the sky had already turned dark. Under the glow of dusk, smoke curled up from a bonfire not far away, and the tempting smell of roasted meat could be smelled in the breeze.

“I’m really lucky to be alive again. This smell is much better than my own body’s burnt smell.”


Jiang Li walked towards the place where the food was distributed. When he approached, there were quite a few young men and women who were similar in age to him. They were sitting together and laughing.

When they saw Jiang Li approach, their voices lowered as they turned to look at him, and their gazes were filled with ridicule and disdain.

He ignored the blatant pointing fingers and calmly walked through the crowd to the long table where the food was distributed.

Jiang Li arrived a little late. The meat soup in the pot had already reached the bottom. However, because many of the young ladies who came along did not eat much, there was still a surplus of roasted meat and steamed buns.


The person distributing the food was a burly man who looked like an iron tower. He was dressed in black and had an ugly mark on his face.


The man glanced at Jiang Li before he scraped off the last bit of soup from the iron pot, and then he casually grabbed a piece of roasted meat and a steamed bun before placing them on the tray before pushing them towards Jiang Li.

The soup, which was originally not much, was completely spilled by this push.

Speechless, Jiang Li took over the tray of food. Suddenly, he remembered that he had an appraisal skill that came along with him from the virtual game. He silently threw an appraisal at the man in black in front of him.

[Name: Unknown, Gender: Male, Class: Martial Artist, Danger Level: Extremely Dangerous!]


Jiang Li was shocked. He did not expect that a random appraisal skill would show someone to be extre

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