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Jiang Li put the matter of the ancient times aside for the time being. It was meaningless to rely on guesses. He continued to look at the other two ancient manuals.


“Coffin Burial Art” was a manual passed down by a rogue cultivator clan specializing in corpse manipulation in the past. Later on, the clan fell into decline, so the descendants brought the manual to the Scripture Storage Valley. The cultivation method became part of the collection here.

It was said that during the most glorious period of their clan, there was once a Nascent Soul cultivator. This was also the limit of this cultivation method.

The “Ghost Wood Art” was somewhat special. It was not originally created by humans, but came from an old ghostwood tree that had cultivated a thousand years to become a tree spirit!

According to the records, the tree spirit was extremely ferocious back then. It had once turned hundreds of miles of mountains and rivers into a graveyard. Its cultivation had reached the Earth Immortal realm that surpassed the Nascent Soul realm.


In the end, the heavens were enraged and the thousand-year-old spirit tree died under the lightning tribulation. Only then did the descendants discover the Ghost Wood Art on the remaining tree trunk.

Jiang Li’s expression was a bit bitter. Of these two ancient texts, one required him to lie in a coffin and cultivate underground, while the other had him sleep in the graveyard every day to cultivate.

After cultivating either of these, he was afraid that he would be easily eradicated by others in the future as a demonic cultivator.

Furthermore, he had always thought that a cultivation method should allow him to progress all the way to the level of a True Immortal. He did not expect that these cultivation methods actually had a limit.


After letting out a long sigh, Jiang Li still chose the Ghost Wood Art as his initial cultivation method.

First of all, the upper limit of the “Ghost Wood Art” was obviously higher than the “Coffin Burial Art”. Also, he could not stand being buried underground in a coffin every day.


After selecting the cultivation method, Jiang Li walked towards the exit of the Scripture Storage Pavilion. Because he could only choose between three books, he naturally was the fastest.

At this moment, most of the disciples, including Yan Hong, were still gathered in front of the bookshelves.

In front of the metal door, the old man and Elder Weng Sanqi, who had opened the door for them earlier, were sitting behind a counter in the middle, discussing which type of spirit wine was more delicious.

“Elder, I’ve chosen my cultivation method.”

Jiang Li respectfully placed the “Ghost Wood Art” on the counter and waited there obediently.

After a short while, the two elders behind the counter finished their cups of spirit wine before turning around to look at Jiang Li and the books on the table.

“The “Ghost Wood Art” is quite a go

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