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Chapter 79: Another Seed

Squeak squeak!

The rat had four golden needles stabbed into its body. Jiang Li pressed it down hard on the ground, and its eyes kept bulging under the pressure.

Just as the blood had reached its limit, one of the eyes of the red-coated rat suddenly exploded. A black blood arrow shot towards Jiang Li’s eyes.

Jiang Li instinctively raised his hand to block, but a portion of the blood still passed through the gaps between his fingers and shot into his eyes.

A burning pain instantly appeared. Jiang Li felt as if his eyeballs were about to melt, and his vision immediately became blurry.

[Both eyes are corroded by poisonous blood. Added Status: Blindness]

[Detoxification status triggered, Blindness removed. Added Status: Decreased Vision]

[Decreased Vision: …] (− +)

This damned rat actually had such a disgusting method. Jiang Li hurriedly pressed the minus button for five seconds before his blurry vision recovered.

If he had not stabbed the four golden needles in time, he would have been defeated by a rat.

Due to an unknown reason, the rat suddenly became much stronger. Its speed and strength were extremely exaggerated.

If he was an ordinary Qi Refinement cultivator, his throat might be torn open in an instant.

Jiang Li wiped away the smelly poisonous blood on his face, took out a few waste pills, and stuffed them into the rat’s mouth.

“Squeak! Wait! Wait! I have a secret! I have a big secret!” The rat struggled and screamed.

Jiang Li wanted to hear what else it had to say. However, after seeing the four golden needles being forced out of its body bit by bit…

Jiang Li no longer hesitated, and he tore off the rat’s front teeth before pushing five smelly and pitch-black waste pills into its stomach.

The facts proved that even a rat who had lived in filth its entire life could not withstand the rich toxins of waste pills.

Soon, the rat started twitching. Its stomach heaved as if it was enduring immense pain.

The dirty and black fur began to gradually turn white. The originally bloated rat body was like a deflated balloon. It quickly shriveled and even became skin and bones, looking extremely miserable.


A pale yellow seed was spat out from the mouth of the red-coated rat.

[Name: Spiritual Root Seed?]

[Type: Trash]

[Grade: Unknown]

[Note: Not recommended for consumption.]

As expected! Jiang Li was excited.

However, it was different from the bean-sized seed in Jiang Li’s hand. The seed in front of him was almost the size of a durian seed. It looked round and smooth, and it smelled fresh and delicious.

Jiang Li knew that the thing had just come out of the rat’s mouth. He felt disdain in his heart, but he could not help but bring it close to his nose to smell it.

With just a sniff, his entire body involuntarily trembled, and his soul almost rose to the sky.

That smell not only stimulated his sense of smell an

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