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After meeting up, they headed towards the Mission Area.

“Do you have a target for the mission?”

In the circle, Yu Banxia, Qu Qianfan, Wang Liuliang, Lu Qianqian, and the rest were familiar with each other.

Jiang Li and Yan Hong did not hang out with them all the time, so their relationship was naturally slightly worse.

External missions required a comprehensive consideration of distance, position, difficulty, possible enemies, things to prepare, etc. It was impossible to make a decision on the spot.

They must have discussed this before. The only person who did not know about the details was Jiang Li.

“Hmm, although I gained quite a lot from the previous harvesting mission, I have been exploring in the forest. There is a shortage of supplies in the forest and I have to be on guard against any dangers. It is indeed too tiring.”

Everyone else agreed with Yu Banxia, especially Lu Qianqian. She was going crazy after not showering for half a month.

“So this time, we plan to accept a mission in a mortal city.”

Jiang Li looked at the second mission board in the Mission Area. It was a mission recommended to mid-stage Qi Refinement realm disciples.

Compared to the mission given to the initial-stage Qi Refinement realm, the reward for this mission was obviously a level higher. In contrast, the difficulty of the mission was naturally higher.

Some simple combat missions, such as hunting or cleaning up some of the lowest level demonic beasts, could already be seen on the board.

“So mortal kingdoms also have the ability to issue missions to cultivation sects?”

Jiang Li took a closer look, and to his surprise, he did find quite a number of requests issued by the mortal kingdom.

“In any case, the cultivation world relies on the mortal world. The cultivation seeds that join the sect every year and the food supplies that we use, aren’t they all from the mortal countries?”

“As a reward, the Immortal Cultivation Sect has a certain obligation to protect the mortal kingdoms.”

“Of course, every time a mission is issued, the price that has to be paid will make a country suffer.”

Yu Banxia had an immortal background, so she knew more about this than Jiang Li.

But thinking about it, regardless of the form of development, the basic population construction was of utmost importance. If people were eaten up by demons and monsters, wouldn’t cultivating become pointless?

“This is the mission we are going to accept. A large number of children are in a coma in the Southern Seal Kingdom.”

“The specific details of the mission were not mentioned, but there were no casualties. It is just an ordinary investigation mission.

“We can relax. Even if we can’t complete it, there won’t be any danger.”

Yu Banxia handed him a few pages of information.

Jiang Li took a few glances. Just as he said, it was just a simple inspection mission.

“Alright, I have no objections. When do we set off?”


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