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Chapter 52: Fish in Troubled Waters

The Shu Mountain’s Five Elements Sword was a combination technique of the five elemental branches’ sword cultivators of Shu Mountain. It contained the profundity of the five elements combined, and the power of the five swords combined was boundless.

The sword cultivators of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak specialized in maximizing the attacking power of flying swords. After the five elements combined, the terrifying destructive power increased exponentially.

This was also one of the reasons why the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was so powerful. Any five-person group could form this Five Elements Sword Formation after a few days of practice.

No one in the same cultivation level was their match. Even if one was a rank higher, it would be very difficult for them to withstand this terrifying sword formation.

The Golden Core zombie demon was caught by the Benevolent Travel Temple’s Dharma Master and Elder Weng Sanqi’s two puppets. It could not break free for some time!

Seeing the five flying swords leaving a five-colored rainbow in the air and arriving instantly, the Golden Core zombie demon suddenly let out a miserable cry!

Black fog rolled out from under its robe and instantly spread out, circulating in the air and forming a pitch-black sphere.

The five streaks of light that were about to hit the zombie demon suddenly slowed down and transformed into five sword lights that brushed past the black fog ball.

The sword cultivators of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak did not dare to take the risk of accidentally killing their comrades by attacking forcefully.

On one hand, it was due to their sense of justice, but more importantly, if they angered the Benevolent Travel Temple because of this and caused the two sects to fall out, then it would be troublesome.

However, because of this, Benevolent Travel Temple’s Le Kong got into trouble.

Originally, he could only block the Golden Core zombie demon for a breath or two by risking injuries. At this moment, the flying swords turned around and flew back, causing the pressure to intensify on Master Le Kong.

Amidst the rolling black fog, vigorous and deep screams were constantly emitted. It was hard to imagine what kind of cruel treatment Master Le Kong had suffered.

A moment later, a figure flew out of the black fog.

The surrounding cultivators were all shocked. They saw that the Golden Core zombie demon was holding onto a muscular arm. It was Master Le Kong’s right arm that was forcefully torn off!

His severed arm fell from the black fog. His body was covered in blood and no one knew if he was dead or alive. After being caught by Weng Sanqi’s puppet, he was quickly sent away for emergency treatment.

As for the Golden Core zombie demon, its closed eyes finally opened. The two eyeballs that should have existed inside had vanished, leaving only two terrifying holes as they stared in the direction of t

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