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Chapter 60: Yu Banxia’s Betrayal

“Today’s meal disciples are quite diligent. They came at this time.”

Jiang Li thought about it and felt that since he did not call for service, it should be Yan Hong’s subordinate coming to deliver food.

Although he no longer needed to eat, he still kept this habit to prevent others from seeing through him.

The door creaked open.

It was Lu Qianqian.

‘Oh goodness, she likes me! Should I reject her? What should I tell Yu Banxia after this?’

Several thoughts flashed through Jiang Li’s mind. But in the next second, Lu Qianqian directly knelt down.

“Brother Jiang Li, please save Banxia!”

Lu Qianqian’s action surprised Jiang Li. He hurriedly helped her up and brought her into the house.

“Sister Qianqian, you can’t do that. If you have anything to say, tell me inside.”

Jiang Li helped Lu Qianqian to the tea table in the house and sat down. Only then did he notice that her eyes were red and swollen. She must have been crying for a while.

“Don’t worry! What happened? Tell me slowly, what happened to Yu Banxia?”

“Ba… Banxia and I…”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before Lu Qianqian could catch her breath, the sound of someone slamming the door could be heard again.

This time, the person was even more impolite. The wooden door frame was smashed until it shook.

Jiang Li immediately frowned.

“Who is it?” He asked loudly.

The sound of the door being smashed paused. Immediately, there was the sound of swords being unsheathed. Clearly, the people outside were not good people. There were at least seven or eight of them.

However, they did not directly kill their way in. Instead, someone replied loudly.

“Outer Sect Law Enforcement Hall! We are under orders to search the area! Outer Sect disciple Jiang Li, open the door immediately!”

The Outer Sect Law Enforcement Hall… Jiang Li’s heart sank. He looked at Lu Qianqian, who was sitting beside him with a terrified and uneasy expression. It seemed that her problem was related to the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall outside.

However, what could Yu Banxia have done?

The chain around his waist automatically landed in his hand. Jiang Li raised his hand and waved it. Spiritual qi blew at the door bolt, and the door opened.

A group of ten disciples from the Law Enforcement Hall who were dressed in pitch-black disciple robes entered in a single file. They surrounded Jiang Li very rudely.

“The Law Enforcement Hall is under orders to search. I hope you can cooperate!”

The leader of the group had a fierce and sharp aura. He did not hide his Foundation Establishment cultivation at all.

“Lu Qianqian! Why are you here! You’re not allowed to leave the room until we find out the truth!”

That person pointed the knife at the tip of Lu Qianqian’s nose. It was just a step away from touching her skin, causing her to shiver in fear.

“Senior Brother, there’s no need to be like this.”


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