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In the end, the reason why the King of the Southern Seal Kingdom treated them so well was because he had seen too few cultivators and did not understand them. Therefore, he was cautious and fearful.

Originally, there were many cultivators who had no future in the cultivation world and were greedy for riches and honor in the mortal world. Many of them would be willing to join a secular dynasty and become a freeloader or even control the royal family.

However, these secular dynasties had long been regarded as the private properties of the major sects of the cultivation world.

How could they allow those poor rogue cultivators to snatch their food?

Rogue cultivators were not allowed to join kingdoms and sects looked down on mortal kingdoms. This was the reason for the current situation.

Jiang Li and the others walked out of the carriage. The King of the Southern Seal Kingdom was surprised at their young age. In the eyes of the public, immortals were all white-haired old men.

But he did not dare to speculate.

“Lord Immortal Masters, you have come from afar. Please come to the palace and sit down. Let us arrange a grand banquet to welcome you.”

This king was really enthusiastic, and the banquet he prepared must not be too bad. A few disciples had strange thoughts, but Yu Banxia, who was standing at the front, had no intention of enjoying it.

“We are here for the commission from the Southern Seal Kingdom. Hurry up and tell us the details.”

“And where are all those unconscious children now? Take us there.”

Since he said so, no one would refute him.

The king pulled a few officials from the side of the road. After giving them some instructions, he returned to personally lead the way for Jiang Li and the others.

“Lord Immortal Masters, more than two thousand children have fainted overnight. It has been thirteen days since then!”

“The best physicians and imperial physicians in our country have all seen them. They have used all kinds of herbs and precious medicine, but they just won’t wake up.”

“My poor 13th, 15th, and 17th child are all like this. I’m so anxious!”


“Immortal Masters, please save them!”

Everyone looked at each other. Your children are already like this and you still want to treat us to a banquet?

It seemed that no matter how much one loved something, once there were too many of them, their feelings would be diluted. Regardless of whether it was love or kinship, they were the same.


“No children starved to death after thirteen days of coma?”

“We asked the people to feed the children with clear porridge. Although the children were asleep, they were fortunate enough to eat it. That was how they managed to survive until you arrived.”

Everyone understood and Yu Banxia continued to ask.

“Did anything special happen before or after the children fainted? Or did they eat anything special?”

However, this simple and ordinary question made the King o

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