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Chapter 62: Conflict at the Gate

The next morning, Jiang Li got ready and set off.

At this moment, the outer sect was also filled with gloomy clouds.

A large number of the most elite outer sect disciples were originally preparing for the outer sect competition at this time.

However, now, they had to participate in a mission that was akin to throwing their lives away. It would be strange if they could still be happy.

It was obvious that the sect was also under martial law now. From time to time, disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall in black clothes could be seen patrolling all over the sect.

Jiang Li held the wooden tablet and passed through many obstructions before finally arriving at the gathering point.

There were approximately 500 outer sect disciples waiting here. Out of all the outer sect disciples now, they were the strongest 20%.

They were clearly much older than Jiang Li, and they should be seniors who had stayed in the outer sect for quite a number of years.

After all, all the disciples who were originally going to participate in the Outer Sect Grand Competition had to be at least at the upper level of the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm.

According to the cultivation speed of medium and high-grade spiritual roots, the youngest batch was about 18 or 19 years old.

On the other hand, even though Jiang Li had body cultivation and a robust figure, he was still very easy to notice when he was less than 14 years old.

This was equivalent to a junior high student walking into the gathering hall of high school students and college students, quickly attracting a lot of attention.

In this defection incident, even if sect elders and inner sect disciples defected, these outer sect disciples were still not qualified to criticize them.

There was no other reason. They did not have the right to do so.

Therefore, as the only outer sect disciple who betrayed them, Yu Banxia was undoubtedly the target of everyone.

These outer sect disciples did not dare to criticize the sect, Elder Duan, or those inner sect senior brothers. Then, there would only be one target left.

Even Jiang Li, who was familiar with Yu Banxia, was implicated.

From time to time, there would be people pointing and whispering in his direction, but Jiang Li paid no attention to them. He only stood at the back of the crowd and waited quietly.

“Is everyone here?”

Soon, a sound came from the front. Immediately, there was a spiritual qi ripple. The people from the sect’s Law Enforcement Hall were checking the number of people.

Outer sect disciples had stayed in the outer sect for so many years, and there were very few arrogant and unyielding figures. So, it caused Jiang Li to be slightly disappointed. This time, there was no situation of late or absent individuals.

The outer sect disciples boarded the ship in order. This time, they did not board the large flying ship that Jiang Li and the others had taken ea

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