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Chapter 45: Fire Element Peak, Sword Cultivator

Drenched in mud and water, Jiang Li carried a rock that was half the height of a man from the river and walked up step by step.

Spit! Spit! Spit!

Jiang Li spat out. As soon as he got ashore, he began to clean up the large amount of sand in his nose and mouth.

He was dressed in rags and had a dirty look on his face. He was covered in mud and grass, and there were a few plump snails on his forehead.

He looked just like a water monkey.

Right when he was about to vomit, Jiang Li’s movements suddenly stopped.

The muscles in his arms suddenly bulged. He threw the rock that he held with all his might.


Halfway through the flight, a stream of light flashed and the rock exploded into pieces.

After piercing through the rock, the momentum of the stream of light decreased slightly. With Jiang Li’s dynamic vision, he could barely capture the flying trajectory of the stream of light.

However… he could not dodge it!

Wood Armor! Armament Hardening!


Jiang Li’s hands that were covered in wooden armor and spiritual armament grabbed the stream of light tightly in its path.

A huge force assaulted him. Jiang Li’s legs did not move, but he was still pushed back by the stream of light, creating two ravines on the ground.

The thing clutched in his hand struggled and radiated intense heat. It sought to plunge into his body and burn his heart.

The wooden armor covering his hand was quickly burned through by the intense heat.


The dark skin covered by Spiritual Armament touched it directly.

A burning pain came and wisps of burnt fragrance floated. However, unexpectedly, this temperature was still within the tolerance range!

The status [Cool Skin] allowed him to resist the flames very well. The pitch-black hand grabbed the stream of light and forcefully resisted it.

With the enhancement of the status [Blood Bursting Force], Jiang Li’s brute force was astonishing. He forcefully grabbed the moving light and slid for more than 20 meters.

He did not stop retreating until he was pushed back to the edge of the river.

In his hand, the dazzling light seemed to have exhausted its strength and dissipated. What remained in his hand was a long, dark-red sword.

“F*ck! It’s a flying sword!”

Jiang Li cursed before he felt the flying sword in his hand burn again.

“Still not stopping?! Let me quench the fire for you!”

He looked at the turbid river behind him. In the next second, he hugged the red flying sword and turned around, throwing himself into the river.

A large amount of bubbles surged, as if the water surface was boiling. Steam continuously turned into white smoke.

“Damn it! My flying sword!”

A moment later, a figure in white arrived on a tree crown.

However, when he landed, he looked so anxious that those who did not know would think that his wife was having difficulties giving birth.

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