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Spiritual Armament, wasn’t this Armament Haki?


Jiang Li once again covered his right hand with spiritual qi. This time, the surface of his palm quickly turned black, and the speed at which it hardened was much faster than before.

His hardened right hand directly grabbed the sword’s body, and it actually let out a metallic sound. He gradually increased his strength, and the fine long sword was even deformed from his grasp.

With these two factors combined, his defense would only grow stronger.

Perhaps, he could consider developing his body cultivation.

After making up his mind, Jiang Li started to get busy again.

Cultivating routinely every day, training spell techniques, listening to lessons in the Cultivation Hall, exploring the outer sect graveyard, and now, he had to start learning alchemy. Perhaps he also had to practice a body cultivation method…

Jiang Li was busy day after day.

One and a half months later, at the edge of the outer sect, on the cliff of Scripture Storage Valley.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every few breaths’ time, there would be muffled sounds of collision coming from the cliff.

The cliff walls of the cliff continuously produced many fine cracks as the collisions occurred. After the cracks continued to spread, the outermost layer of rocks could not bear the impact and broke off.

The figure at the bottom of the cliff was hit by the falling rocks and the shattered rocks buried him instantly.

But soon the gravel began to shake, and a young man with dark but shiny skin broke through the pile and climbed out.

Who else could it be but Jiang Li?

In the cultivation world, the mainstream viewpoints were actually quite disdainful towards dual cultivation.

This was because the path of cultivation was a long one, and there was almost no end to climbing it. At least for now, no one in the cultivation world had ever touched the ceiling of cultivation.

Where did he get so much energy to divert his attention? How could there be so much time to waste?

Cultivating multiple cultivation methods at the same time was something that many cultivators did not approve of.

If one were to cultivate a spirit refining technique that could speed up cultivation, then of course it would not be a problem, the more the better. However, this kind of cultivation method was extremely rare. In the cultivation world, there were few cultivation methods that could achieve such an effect.

As for body cultivation methods, they were famous for having poor effects in the early stages and slow in the later stages. They were considered useless.

Under normal circumstances, if cultivators had special body cultivation talent, or if they had the Buddhist cultivation method of Benevolent Travel Temple that could speed up their body cultivation, they would venture into this aspect.


Typically, cultivators would only attempt to dual cultivate when they reached a bottleneck to make up for

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