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Chapter 102: Hide Whenever You See Her

Seeing this, Mu Siyin squinted her eyes and smiled. “What are you so scared of? It’s broad daylight. Did you do anything shameful?”

Uncle Zhong grunted when he heard this. “I didn’t. You were the one who sneaked up and attacked me.”

Mu Siyin tilted her head to see what Uncle Zhong was reading. However, she could not understand the characters on those pages.

“What are you looking at, Uncle Zhong?”

Uncle Zhong straightened his back proudly. “You don’t understand, right? This is a Chinese classic.”

“What is a Chinese classic? Can you tell me more about it?”

Uncle Zhong immediately shut the book with a sheepish smile. “You’re a girl. Why do you need to know about this? You should ask about things like Little Beibei’s hobbies.”

Mu Siyin let out a grin. “I don’t want to know about that.”

She knew about Shi Beiyu’s hobbies. In fact, it was so simple that even a toddler would remember.

“Do you know it?” Uncle Zhong was curious.

Mu Siyin nodded. “Yeah. He has no hobbies other than fitness.”

“Oh, you little girl. It looks like you really understand our Little Beibei.”

Mu Siyin raised an eyebrow as she eyed Uncle Zhong and said, “Can I ask you about someone, Uncle Zhong?”

Uncle Zhong blinked his old eyes before he looked at Mu Siyin. “Are you going to ask me about the She-Devil who came this morning?”

Mu Siyin’s lips twitched, and she looked at Uncle Zhong speechlessly. “She’s Shi Beiyu’s mother, Uncle Zhong. Does she know you call her that?”

Uncle Zhong immediately glared at her when he heard her question. “You can’t betray me, okay? I won’t play with you anymore if you do.”

Mu Siyin was nonplussed. “Then, tell me. Why did you call her that?”

Uncle Zhong looked around at his surroundings suspiciously before he secretly told her, “You don’t know how fierce she is! She’s a cold-blooded person who likes to torture people. In fact, everyone who used to work for her called her a She-Devil!”

Mu Siyin raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Does that mean she’s a very powerful person?”

“Fierce! Crazy fierce!” Uncle Zhong shook his head furiously.

Mu Siyin felt troubled. It turned out that her mother-in-law was a difficult person to deal with.

Seeing how downcasted she looked, Uncle Zhong said, “Girl, you have to hide whenever you see her, okay? Hide as far as you can, or she’ll gobble you down!”

“Is she that bad?” Mu Siyin asked in doubt.

“Yes! She’s very bad! Listen to this old fool. Run if you see her, okay?”

Mu Siyin did not know what to say.

She had initially planned to ask about Shi Beiyu’s mother’s character, but who would have known that she was so terrifying?

Since something came up that required Uncle Zhong to get up and head into the building, Mu Siyin laid against his rocking chair, frowning as thoughts filled her mind.

Shi Beiyu said that there would always be another chance to meet his mother. If that was

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