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Chapter 16: Take Him With Me!

Chapter 16: Take Him With Me!


Qiao Zhiya lightly slipped back to his room, recalling the unfamiliar white military uniform worn by the young man next to the White-Haired Monster. He realized that there might be a guest on the warship and the White-Haired Monster didn’t want the other party to see him, so he didn’t dare go out again.

Sitting on the floor next to the bed, he took out the small mecha and inspected its legs. Sure enough, he found that the adapter shaft at the knee of the right leg was installed reversely. He raised his hand and scratched his hair. He searched again using his light brain, looked for the detailed illustrations of all kinds of toy small mecha, and reinstalled the adapter shaft.

During dinner, there was some noise from outside the corridor. He recovered from his concentration of assembling the small mecha. After thinking about it, he did not go to the dining hall. Instead, he used the nutrient prepared by Zhuang Yu in the space button to serve as his meal for dinner and then continued putting together the other parts of the small mecha.

Later, entrusted by Zhuang Yu, Tan Shengwei sent him some mental soothing agents and physical repair fluids. He also told him not to run around these days and drink the medicine on time.

Qiao Zhiya looked at the dusty military uniform on his body and the exhaustion on his face. Although he was wondering what they were up to, he smartly did not hold him back to talk more. After thanking him, he drove him back to rest.

Before going to bed, he took out a mental soothing agent and a physical repair liquid to drink as usual. He felt the comfort in his mind and the languidness in his body. He squinted his eyes and lay down in bed.

After talking with the White-Haired Monster that day, Zhuang Yu began to let him drink these potions, two a day, for ten days in a row, so as to stabilize his health. Although he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his body and the need to drink medicine in order to stabilize his body and mind, the other party was all kind-hearted and he didn’t want to disappoint her. In addition, after drinking the medicines, his body would be more comfortable, so he did as he was told.

Probably because he went to bed earlier today and did not train in the afternoon to consume his energy. He did not immediately fall asleep after lying in bed. Instead, he was only in a daze and couldn’t sleep. When his thoughts were empty, he unconsciously turned to the healing magic array that he had practiced many times in recent days.


Gradually, the calm magic in the magic pool was unconsciously mobilized by him, slowly wandering in his mind according to the lines of the healing array, forming a translucent primary healing magic array.

After realizing this, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth. As soon as he was about to disperse the magic array, he noticed that some magic power

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