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Chapter 14: Gift

Reason for seclusion: Their appearance is different from ordinary people’s.

Chu Rong turned off the recording and glanced at his three subordinates. He knocked on the table and said, “Your conclusion.”

“The results of the lie detector have 80% credibility. Combined with Qiao’s character, I think his experience regarding the appearance of the black hole is true.” Fan Xiangnan frowned and looked at Chu Rong, “Sir, we must remind the border planets to be on guard. Now that the black hole reappeared again, it signifies danger.”

Chu Rong nodded and replied, “I’ve sent a message to my elder brother. He will arrange it.”

“On all the planets known to the Federation, there is no valley called Pariet or a mountain range called Alec. I guess the names of these two places are direct transliterations1by Qiao himself from his language and the names used by their indigenous tribe. Yesterday, I re-examined the mine thieves and found new clues. They had bought a batch of cheap, unidentified slaves from a human trafficker on the border planet of the Federation. I suspect that Qiao came from there.” Lin Zhen added the new clues he obtained from the interrogation he once again conducted.

Chu Rong’s expression grew cold and said, “It really is a group of dishonest men. Continue the interrogation until they can no longer tell lies!”

Lin Zhen nodded to show that he understood.

“QiaoQiao’s response…” Zhuang Yu’s brows were knitted in concern. Finally, she said, “It’s very similar to a reaction after experiencing trauma, such as self-evasion, confined memories, and lack of security. I watched the video of him in class and noticed that everything was normal before he learned the word “black hole.” After learning the word, his behavior started to become unusual, like he thought of something terrible. After that, he hid in his room and came out with a wound on his wrist. If it wasn’t for Captain Tan coming to find him, maybe… In addition, I checked the search history of his light brain and I found out that he really searched for the ‘black hole’ after returning to his room.”

So after searching for the “black hole,” he wounded himself?

The other three people all looked over. Chu Rong frowned and said in a deep voice, “Continue.”


“As we all know, the unidentified rays randomly released from the black hole have a chance to pollute or directly destroy spiritual power…” Zhuang Yu explained as she glanced at Chu Rong. Seeing that he didn’t exhibit any peculiar reaction, she continued, “Considering QiaoQiao’s S-level physique, his primary spiritual power should at least be C-level. The damaging process to the spiritual power caused by the red tin ore is very slow. Even with the influence of the spiritual power suppressor, it will take two to three months to completely destroy a C-level spiritual power aptitude. According to the confessions of the mine thieves, QiaoQiao only arrived at the black mine f

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