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Chapter 13: You’re Not Telling the Truth!

“Really stupid.”

When Chu Rong found him, Qiao Zhiya was running. He was sweating all over his body and his face flushed extremely red as if he was about to die out of exhaustion.

“Come down.” Chu Rong grabbed his collar, pulled him off the machine, and rudely rubbed his wet hair stuck on his forehead. He frowned and admonishingly said, “Training should be done moderately. What are you doing? Who asked you to train like this?”

Qiao Zhiya didn’t see him for many days. He was stunned for a while before realizing that he came to see him. A smile appeared on his face and his ears shook. He intimately asked, “Are you no longer busy? Hello, I’m Qiao Zhiya.” After introducing himself, he expectantly looked at him, waiting for his introduction.

The young man’s soft voice was a little hoarse due to exercise. The pronunciation of Common Language was very standard. Although the speaking rate was reduced, there was no observed language problem. It could be seen that he has studied very hard and frequently practiced.

What an obedient and hardworking Bald Chicken.

Chu Rong’s expression was unreadable. His hand moved to his unconsciously shaking pointed ears and straightforwardly said, “Tell me where you came from, I need an answer.”

The smile on Qiao Zhiya’s face froze. He quickly recovered and looked at him with a dazed and confused expression as if he didn’t understand what he said.

Chu Rong squinted, pulled his ear, and said coldly, “Don’t pretend you don’t understand. Lin Zhen said that the fastest things you learnt were listening and writing. The tips of your ears shake so badly out of fear that you cannot deceive anyone. Tell me the truth or you will be thrown off the warship.”

He was long familiar with the cold and vicious tone, but this time, he could finally understand the content— the White-Haired Monster was a good man, though he used words for scaring little children.


Qiao Zhiya lowered his eyes, removed his confused mask that was easily been seen through. He looked at the man with innocent eyes, pulled down his hand rubbing his ear, nodded, and lowered his voice, “Okay, I’ll tell you.” He said and gestured in the direction of his room, wanting to go there to talk.

However, Chu Rong grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He shook his bandaged wrist with an even worse expression, “How did this happen? Tan Shengwei1!”

Tan Shengwei, who had been paying attention to the Chief since he came in, rushed over and immediately responded with a loud voice, waiting for his order.

“Give me his training plan.” Chu Rong stretched out his hand.

Tan Shengwei took out a teaching record board from his space button and handed it over. At the same time, he explained, “Reporting to the chief, he has a hand injury, so today’s training activities have been changed. Arm stretching has been removed and running time has been increased. In addition, his wris

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