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Chapter 12: Black Hole

“I have parents… Don’t kill me.”

Fan Xiangnan endured the tingling on his scalp and insisted, “Even if he is an orphan, your training plan may not be implemented for the time being. Federal regulations require that indigenous people from marginal stars must enter the Federal Welfare Institution first and receive a one-month adaptation study. After that, they need to enter a federally designated school to receive language and basic compulsory education. Otherwise, they will not be able to get an official Federal Resident Identity Certificate.”

Without formal resident status, everything that Chu Rong planned would be all for naught. Although the Chu family had the ability to give an indigenous person a formal identity, anyone who understood the chief and the Chu family knew that they would not take advantage of their privileges.

Chu Rong leaned back in his chair and began to be impatient— how could it be so troublesome to raise a bald chicken? A boy who was identified as having a third-degree disability was thrown into a federal school to live and study with a lot of other indigenous people with unknown temperaments and tendencies. He could almost imagine that the bald chicken was pushed out and bullied by his other classmates because of his shape, height, and qualifications.

“Let Lin Zhen quickly figure out his life experience and focus on determining whether he has any relatives alive. If not, I remember that there are many welfare agencies under the name of my elder brother. I will give him an adoption status and raise him in the Chu family’s headquarters first.” He was upset to compromise.

Fan Xiangnan looked at him and cruelly added, “Federal regulations state that the establishment of an adoptive relationship must be approved by the adoptee and cannot be coerced or deceived.”

Chu Rong’s face turned dark. He tapped his fingers on the table and asked coldly, “Do you think I’m the kind of person who bullies children?”

Yes…It seemed that the chief was determined to coerce the child to leave his past behind. Fan Xiangnan fell silent and took out his communicator to send a message to Lin Zhen.

Qiao Zhiya, who didn’t know that he was already being worried about, looked at the new words learned today and the actual pictures behind them. He secretly tightened his fingers, looked at Lin Zhen as normally as possible, pointed to one of the pictures, and asked in an unskilled Common Language, “Mr. Lin, what is this ‘black hole’?”

Lin Zhen, who was checking his communicator and just read Fan Xiangnan’s message, glanced at the picture. He put a light brain into Qiao Zhiya’s hand and answered, “A black hole is a kind of cosmic channel that appears randomly. The reason for its formation is unknown. It’s very dangerous, therefore, if you encounter it, you must immediately stay away and send information for help and location to the authority. You can use your light brain to inquire about its specif

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