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Chapter 9: Metal Wall

Qiao Zhiya, “???”

Qiao Zhiya was a little anxious.

The earthquake moved all the crimson ore, scattered around everywhere, and seemed to have taken them to a deeper place. The White-Haired Monster’s face became more and more ugly— what should he do?

In a hurry, he simply leaned on Chu Rong and tried to make himself a human protective suit. His thoughts turned wildly and his magical power was still unconsciously being hiddenly penetrating the surroundings.

Currently, the two people were trapped underground and the White-Haired Monster was unconscious. It would definitely take a lot of effort to escape from here and even after escaping, he had to take the White-Haired Monster out of the rocky ground to completely get rid of the discomfort of minerals. That would take too long, what if the White-Haired Monster was rendered stupid during this period?

Others were protected by the ball. They had no injuries and there were so many people, it was relatively easy to escape. When they found that the White-Haired Monster was missing, they would definitely come back to save him. Because of the metal giants they were driving, their speed of saving people was certainly not slow, therefore, the most urgent thing was to protect the White-Haired Monster from being further harmed by the minerals before the rescue arrived! But there was ore everywhere, nowhere—

The magic power that had been used to explore suddenly disappeared, his thoughts broke off, and he suddenly remembered the non-reactive area that caused the magic power to sink into something similar to a black hole. His eyes brightened— there was a layer of broken sand. There must be no ore in the non-reaction zone! And it could block the magic, maybe it could also block the uncomfortable feeling caused by the red stone, the White-Haired Monster would be saved!

As soon as he thought of it, he immediately got up and took out a small hammer from the storage ring. He identified the direction with magic power. He first dug a space around for two people to move, then stood up and bent over to put Chu Rong on his back. After confirming that there was no problem, he walked forward towards his target area.

When Chu Rong woke up from the pain of his spiritual power being contaminated again, what he saw was the back of a head in front of him and a toy hammer being held by little white hands. As soon as the little hand moved, the toy hammer wrapped with vines hit the stone in front. The strength looked light and fluttering, but the hard rock wall was broken and peeled off in a large area in an instant, turning into a pile of rubble, and then the little hand shook to block it. The rocks in the road disappeared. The body quietly moved forward, the little hand raised the small hammer again, and at the same time, he felt his feet powerlessly dragging against the ground.

He lowered his head and saw himself tied to a thin body by a very primitive straw rope, his

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