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Chapter 25.1: Be Even (1)

You… want to fight me?”

After a simple rest, the warship finally set sail in the dark, left this remote border mining star, and flew towards the prosperous planet at the centre of human civilization.

When Chu Rong pushed the door to enter, Ren Moze was sitting at the table fiddling with some toy-like small component. Seeing him coming, the old man only nodded as a greeting, and then continued tossing the part with his head down.

“Qiao Zhiya has no spiritual power.” Chu Rong sat opposite the old man and straightforwardly said, “You1shouldn’t give him false hope. It’s too cruel.”

Ren Moze’s hands assembling the component paused and raised his head to look at him. His eyebrows were slightly knitted, “He has no spiritual power? Never had?”

“No, he had. It disappeared after being injured, and it may or may not recover in the future. “When Chu Rong heard him ask this. He thought of Ren Moze’s closed and indifferent nature. His tone was a little more relaxed as he continued, “He has an S-level physique aptitude. Mecha fighting is the most suitable path for him. Mecha manufacturing can be a hobby, but cannot become what he depends on for a living.”

He could see Qiao Zhiya’s love for machinery manufacturing, but in the face of a reliable future and cruel reality, this passion could only be abandoned with regret.

“There’s still the possibility of recovery.”

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