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Chapter 24: Magic Potion

Did they have a pet onboard?

Dwarves were a principled race. If they said no, that meant no. No matter how many times they would be asked, they would always adhere to their decision.


“What is a bald chicken?” Qiao Zhiya asked in confusion. He had always thought that these unlearned words sounded a little strange.

Chu Rong, who was mad, paused, released his collar, took two steps back, and leaned on the operating table with his arms folded. He covered his emotions with a cold expression, tapped his fingers on his arm, and replied, “It’s just a modal particle1to express emotions… Don’t change the topic. I’m asking you a question, don’t you like mechas very much?”

The tone of those words was quite strong to just be a modal particle… Qiao Zhiya foolishly threw the question of bald chicken to the back of his mind. He returned to the topic at hand and honestly replied, “I really like mechas.”

“So?” Chu Rong looked down at him, with the idea that he would throw him out of the mecha if he didn’t give a satisfactory explanation.

Qiao Zhiya glanced at him, making sure that he calmed down and could listen to his explanation, and said, “It’s good to be a mecha fighter, but I want to learn to build a mecha more than to drive it.”

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He always remembered to repay the White-Haired Monster and his team. The failed treatment in the medical room yesterday made him understand that curing the White-Haired Monster’s disease would be a long and difficult process. The other party’s spiritual power was as vast as a sea of ​​stars. However, his magic power was only the size of a small lake. Before he really became stronger, the White-Haired Monster’s situation could only be carefully maintained, but his disease could not be cured.

The other person helped him so much, and he also wanted to try his best to do something for him. After listening to Grandpa Ren’s words, he saw a new direction to pay back.

Mecha manufacturing3— a field that could perfectly demonstrate the creativity and specialities of dwarves. He was confident that he could get some small results in this field. When he could really build a powerful mecha, even if he had never reached the level above the great magician and could not cure the White-Haired Monster’s disease, he could at least help the other to some extent within his ability.

He also had some secret little wishes. If he could, after repaying the White-Haired Monster and his party, he would like to try to drive the mecha he made, through the black hole, and return to his hometown.

Chu Rong didn’t expect to hear such an answer. His eardrum was itchy by the phrase “for you,” and a strange sour and sweet emotion rose in his heart. He didn’t know how to react, so he just laughed a

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