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Chapter 6: Begging To Be Brought Along

“Do you want to drive a mecha?”

The air seemed to be frozen.

Zhuang Yu stared at Qiao Zhiya, who was clinging on the chief’s body. She’s both admiring and envying the scene— the admiration was because the Little Cutie dared to cling to the high officer, so courageous! At the same time, she’s envious because it’s too foul that he looked so cute clinging to people! She also wants to be hugged by the Cutie.

The whole body temperature Qia Zhiya was clinging to seemed to drop a few degrees, the arms and body that were wrapped around the officer quickly tightened, and an invisible aura rushed straight down from above. Qiao Zhiya shook his ears and looked up at Chu Rong, who had an unpredictable expression. The corners of his mouth twitched and smiled flatteringly at him. His eyes were sincere— he promised not to cause trouble again, please bring him along!

Chu Rong suppressed the instinctive defensive response of his body in time, frowned indistinctly, stretched his arms to make his face a little farther from him, and said coldly: “Let go, go down.”

Although he didn’t understand, the tone didn’t seem very good.

Qiao Zhiya smiled shallowly and hesitated for a moment, but still did not go down. On the contrary, he boldly stretched out his hand to soothe his tight chest muscles as a comfort. Then, he gave him a more flattering smile and took the initiative to tilt his head and rub his ears against him. It seemed that the White-Haired Monster, like his mother, liked to pinch his ears. Before, whenever he asked his mother for a favor, he just let his mother knead his ears and his request would basically be granted. Since the White-Haired Monster and her mother had the same preference, was it that as long as he let the other person knead his ears, would he be willing to take him to the mine?

Zhuang Yu took a deep, cold breath, almost afraid to see what would happen next. The Cutie unexpectedly continued to move forward with full momentum. He’s so cute, so brave! Sure enough, the ignorant are fearless! The last person who dared to do a similar thing was mercilessly thrown into the lake by the officer.

The force scratching his chest was very light. Before he could react, a small head with fluffy hair rubbed against it. The hostility that surged from being suddenly approached by a stranger suddenly stagnated. Chu Rong lowered his eyes, staring at the pink ears that came in front of him, and raised his hand.

Fan Xiangnan felt nervous when he saw this. He hurriedly stepped forward and persuaded him, “Sir, he doesn’t understand anything. He didn’t mean to offend. I’ll take him down and let people teach him well——”


Chu Rong’s hand clawed on the top of Qiao Zhiya’s head. He pushed his little head away softly but he did not tear him off. Instead, he rubbed his soft hair and asked, “Do you want to go?”

The top of his head is one of the places where dwarves don’t

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