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Chapter 5: Variant Red Tin Ore

“Variant red tin ore! Radiation! Ah, ah, ah!”

After an undisturbed sleep, Qiao Zhiya put away all his weaknesses and began to figure out the matter of repaying the magic stone.

He had just arrived in this strange place, his language was not fluent, and he didn’t understand anything. There may be no way to repay his gratitude for the time being, but the matter of compensating the magic stone must be prioritized as soon as possible. Yesterday, he was anxious to contact his parents and completely used the wood magic stone on impulse. Although the person who took him in did not hold him accountable, he felt very embarrassed and guilty in his heart.

That’s a high-level wood magic stone, even his father did not have plenty of pieces in his hand.

Thinking of this, he took out the earth magic stone that the White-Haired Monster gave him yesterday. He touched it with extreme care. He felt the rich and almost condensed soil magic inside and his cheeks flushed slightly.

Most of the ordinary earth magic stones were ugly grayish brown. The higher the quality, the deeper and purer the color is. This black was so beautiful, it was simply the best earth magic stone!

But why did that White-Haired Monster put this in his hands? Obviously, the tone and expression were fierce, but his behavior was always contradictory with his good intentions. What was the White-Haired Monster trying to do?

After his thoughts drifted for a while, he regained his senses, carefully put the emblem-shaped earth magic stone into his pocket, and then took out the wood magic stone that had become fragments. He touched it with regret, and buried it in the flowerpot at the corner of the room.

Wood magic stone was the most natural nourishment for plants. Although the magic of this high-level magic stone has been exhausted, the stone itself is also very beneficial to plants. It was a pity to lose it.

After burying, he touched some withered leaves of the strange plant, thought for a moment, and transferred some wood magic power to the root of the plant. Seeing the leaves of the strange plant getting green, he pursed his lips and smiled contentedly.


He sat back on the bed after that and put his hand on the storage ring. He started looking for something that could be used to compensate for the high-level wood magic stone.

He was really poor. Apart from some tools in the storage ring, there were only a lot of books left by his father and all kinds of trinkets made by his mother. The general currency of the Magic Continent was crystal stone. Although he has saved some, it was certainly not enough to compensate for the magic stone. Moreover, he did not know whether the crystal stone was being accepted here. If not, he was definitely a penniless pauper.

The more he looked, the more frustrated he became. Just as he was thinking about whether to go out and find a place to work and earn money immediate

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