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Three seconds later, Qiao Zhiya was pressed by Chu Rong’s leg to the ground, face down.

“You’re too slow.” Uncle1[T/N: I’m thinking if I should change it toancestor. Ancestor Chu.]Chu ruthlessly commented.

Qiao Zhiya was in a daze for a moment and didn’t understand why he fell on the ground. When he returned to his senses, he heard what he said, his unwillingness and desire to win blossomed at the same time. His eyes turned sharp and thought about what he had learned during hunting with his mother in the woods. First, relax the body. Next, wait for the suppression behind to loosen. After that, immediately fight back!



He was pressed face up on the ground this time, facing Uncle Chu’s cold face, “Good idea, but the action is too rigid and there are too many flaws.”

This kind of perspective of lying on the ground looking up at his opponent made Qiao Zhiya think he was a prey that was being teased by a beast under its claws and may die at any time. The fighting spirit in his heart increased. He suddenly raised his fist, knocked on Chu Rong’s calf bone, then turned up while the opponent was dodging, and he retreated far away.

“Good escape.” Chu Rong slowly stood up straight, his expression indifferent, and his voice was cold, “Unfortunately, there is no need for fleeing soldiers on the battlefield.”

Fleeing soldier?


Qiao Zhiya’s breathing slowed down and his hands clenched into fists.

Although peace-loving dwarves never took the initiative to provoke a war, when the enemy made provocations on their faces, they didn’t mind letting the other party taste the dwarves’ anger! The dwarves had no cowards!

He put away his recklessness and hesitance, moved his wrist, and attacked again!

“Rough attack.”

“Bad prediction.”

“There are too many superfluous movements.”

“Weak points are directly sent to the enemy, ignorant!”

“The strength is great but the force action is too obvious. The enemy is neither a wood stump nor will just watch you attack. When you attack, the opponent won’t just stupidly stand and let you hit.”

The sound of beating on the mat frequently sounded. Qiao Zhiya’s clothes were soaked and his breath gradually became unstable. However, his expression remained calm, his eyes even grew more aggressive, and his attack became increasingly strategic.

Chu Rong calmly stood opposite him. Aside from his clothes and hair that were messed up a bit, there was no sign of him fighting at all.

The members of the small team who pretended to be training were full of envy, admiration, and sympathy for Qiao Zhiya— envy for getting Chu Rong’s personal guidance; jealous because he was not only instructed personally, but also received a one-on-one actual combat teaching; admiration for his bravery and perseverance; sympathy… seeing the little white rabbit being abused by the devil, normal people would sympathize.

The atmosphere seemed to b

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