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Chapter 19: Duel

“I still won’t eat it.”

He didn’t know where he pressed, the little mecha in his hand suddenly pulled out its weapon and swung its arm. Qiao Zhiya could even feel the faint heat from the waving of the energy blade in its hand.

He couldn’t help exclaiming, his eyes brightened, and his ears trembled with excitement— compared to the beautiful guy in his hand, the hand-made one he made was simple in appearance, without weapons, unpainted, and had mixed colors. His little mecha was like a piece of rag dug out of the mud!

Fortunately, he had no whimsical thought of giving the small mecha as a gift to the White-Haired Monster, otherwise, he might be disgusted to death.

Thinking of this, Qiao Zhiya couldn’t help but look sideways at Chu Rong, who was sitting beside him. His gazes met at first glance. He seemed to have no emotions but when he looked closely, he seemed to have a relaxed smile in his eyes. He remembered his previous annoyance, embarrassedly looked away, his face flushed slightly, and he whispered, “Thank you, I like it very much.”


Chu Rong reached out and rubbed his bangs, and watched him without speaking, his body posture becoming more relaxed.

Qiao Zhiya moved his ears, took a look at him, carefully and tentatively put his ears to his hand, saw that he did not refuse, and gently rubbed. His eyes squinted happily, the action was full of intimacy and trust— first, food and treatment, then helped him improve his aptitude and teach knowledge, and he also gave him almost everything he needed to survive in this strange place. He was grateful for having a second parent.

The ears in his hand were soft and tickling. Chu Rong recovered from the strange and relaxed feeling that suddenly rose, frowning instinctively, and his gaze swept over the little head that Qiao Zhiya had approached, which he could almost take advantage of in order to take his life by hitting his vital points1[This long line of text (视线扫过乔治亚凑过来的小脑袋和几乎送到手下的几个命门要害) made me cry without tears. I’m not really sure if I interpreted it right.]. He unknitted his eyebrows, glanced at this simple room, moved his fingers slightly, and followed his heart’s wishes, rubbing his soft ears.

The atmosphere was silent and warm for a while. It didn’t return to normal until the people sent to deliver the meal knocked on the door.

The table was too small to set up dinner and there was only one chair. The two simply put the food on the chair and settled the dinner while sitting on the ground.


Chu Rong had eaten in various environments in the past, but at this time, in a small room, sitting on the ground with a strange little ghost who he hadn’t known him for a long time and eating simple meals from the military— this scene actually made him feel novel and even had a long-lost sense of leisure. He unbuttoned the two buttons at the top of the military uniform, shifted his gaze, and looked at the person b

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