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Half an hour later, the sun rose, and Xiang Cheng pulled on the red rope while Chi Xiaoduo gripped Xiang Cheng's back. The two of them slowly made their way to the ground. Xiang Cheng held the bundle of yao binding rope pinched his index and middle finger together, and made a circle in the air with them. The red rope tied around the Guanyin statue's neck untied itself and fell down.

Chi Xiaoduo's legs were trembling, and he nearly collapsed. Xiang Cheng, with Chi Xiaoduo on his back, ran to the Land Rover. He backed up to pick up his things, destroyed the scene of the crime, took the stone guardians away, and left Lianhua Mountain.

"Where are we going?" Chi Xiaoduo asked, "Why aren’t we going back to the inn? I can’t go on anymore, I'm so sleepy."

Chi Xiaoduo didn't ask any questions about what had happened; his mind was in a complete muddle. Xiang Cheng said, "You sleep first, and when you get up, I'll explain it to you."

Chi Xiaoduo said, "You won’t leave, right."

"No,” Xiang Cheng replied, "Go to sleepba."

Xiang Cheng put the hood of his sports coat on Chi Xiaoduo's face. Chi Xiaoduo was both sleepy and tired, and leaning in the front passenger seat, he suddenly thought of something——were there really yao in this world?

Grandma had said so before, and when Chi Xiaoduo had been very young, he seemed to have met a black thing.

He had bumped into it on a beach... It had a similar feel to Xiang Cheng’s monster bird, but one was a fish, while the other was a bird... Chi Xiaoduo thought to himself blearily that this world wasreally magical; not only was there Xiang Cheng catching yao, but also the big black fish he had met when he was a child... His mind was a mess, but he gradually fell asleep. Xiang Cheng wore a tattered singlet as he drove back to Guangzhou. He parked in front of the club, went inside to get the snuff bottle, changed his singlet, got back in the car, and closed the door.

He uncovered Chi Xiaoduo's face that was covered with the jacket.

Chi Xiaoduo was deep asleep, breathing evenly, as the sun shone down on his face.

Xiang Cheng looked at him for a while, then looked at the snuff bottle in his hand, seemingly a little hesitant.

A silver bird flew over, lighting at the window, staring at Xiang Cheng.

Xiang Cheng said to the bird, "He won’t go out and talk about it. This one time, I promise, just this once."

The bird tilted its head, its bright eyes reflecting Xiang Cheng’s handsome face.

Xiang Cheng sighed.

He reached out and rubbed Chi Xiaoduo's head.

"I'm sorry." Xiang Cheng said seriously, then opened the snuff bottle and shook it across Chi Xiaoduo's face.

Chi Xiaoduo sneezed, turned his head uncomfortably and then continued to sleep.

Xiang Cheng was silent for a long time. He put his hand on the steering wheel and wearily leaned his head against it. After a moment, he raised his head, smoked a cigarette, threw the cigarette butt out of the window, an

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