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“… Fikar, what are you doing?”

I asked Fikar, who was 30cm in front of me and lifting his unevenly-grown bangs with one hand.

Wait, that’s not what I should be focusing on.

“Um… Fikar… did you follow me?”

A nod. He then took out the leather card case hanging around his neck from beneath his clothes and pointed to the receptionist, then to the request paper in my hand.

“… You registered?”

A nod.

I turned towards the receptionist, Cecile-san, and she smiled and nodded. Fikar was still standing there, his forehead exposed. I also noticed that he was wearing freshly washed clothes, different from what he was wearing earlier, and he had a sword at his waist.

This was the kind of request that you could take as many times as you wanted, so it’d be fine if someone wanted to take it again for no reason. However, there was nothing to gain from doing that. The number of 0-star requests you’ve taken will increase by one in the guild’s records, but it won’t help you increase your rank like more difficult requests would.

Additionally, Basero ink is a magic meant to prevent children from accidentally injuring themselves, so there wasn’t any use for an adult to have it applied. If we were to strictly follow the request’s instructions, everyone would have to use it, but there weren’t actually any penalties for adult adventurers that decided not to.

Fikar continued to stare at me.



For now, I wrote the kanji for ‘meat’ — 肉. Unaware of what it meant, Fikar looked happy.

“Everyone~ This onii-chan will be coming with us, too. Please get along~”

“Fikar! Long time no see!”

“It’s Fikar! You’re back?!”

“… Nice to meet you, Fikar.”

As I called out with a somewhat stiff voice, the three of them replied with smiles on their faces. They were talking to Fikar, who was only nodding in response. He was quiet and not particularly friendly, but he was still well-liked by the children.

“Sumire! It’s almost time to leave!”


Mesil-san’s body shook as she shouted. In response, I took out some candies from a leather pouch in my handbag and put one in each of the children’s mouths.


“Sumire-chan, this isn’t tasty~”

“… bittersweet…”

“It’s a candy to ward off evil~”

Like usual, since he was patiently waiting his turn, I threw one into Fikar’s mouth and then one into my own. Then, I lit an incense talisman and placed it in the basket made of haganezuta that was tied to my waist.

There were several types of incense talisman to choose from and I chose a hard, square one made by kneading dried mayokegusa and wormwood that keeps magic beasts up to a meter in length at bay. Incidentally, it smells good to larger magic beasts, so it should never be used in areas with a lot of them. On the other hand, incense made from the mayokegusa tree’s bark, dried for 5 years, would make it harder for large beasts to find you, yet easie

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