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According to Lukitas’s rantings, certain knight’s orders used dragons. Literally called “dragon riders”, the relationship between humans and dragons was much more strict, and the dragons hardly got along with each other. So, his father, the leader of the order, instructed him to “stay away from them because they’re dangerous.”

However, his misfortune wasn’t over yet.


As we were paying our respects to the Star Stone at the forest entrance, thehimekoryuurammed into Lukitas’s back. While he let out an “Uwaa!”, the three kids let out a cheer.

“You came again!”

“Himeko-chan, let’s play today, too~”

“It’s been 3 days.”

As friends who escaped together from the scary Su-monster, the himekoryuu appeared to have bonded with the three, and if they had a request in the forest, it would come along to play. As for the three themselves, they seemed happy with their first non-human friend. They did run away when the himekoryuu brought over a gianthornwormas a snack, though.

Much like the children, the himekoryuu became so familiar with Su that it completely forgot its initial fear, even touching the tip of her nose with its while going “Kue~!” Su didn’t react much, but kept her nose close to its, so maybe that was how dragons greeted each other. Dragons are kinda sorta dinosaurs, so it was like a scene out of Jurassic Park.

“What in the world is it with you people?!?! Is it even okay to take these creatures along?!”

“They came by their own will and there isn’t anything else written in the request conditions, so it’s probably okay?”

“Too vague! Uwaa– Don’t come here!”

Who’s this noisy guy? As the himekoryuu approached him, Lukitas swung his hands, scowling harder and harder. Even if the opponent was small and flightless, it was still a dragon. While skillfully avoiding his hands, it came up to his face and kue~’d him. Lukitas’s anger gauge was rising more and more.

“Uhh, let’s get moving! We’re going a little deeper into the forest today.”

“Ouu! Lukitas, quit playing, let’s go!”

“Shut it! I’m not playing!”


“Go away!”

The lively party headed deeper than they’d ever gone before, but it was still close enough to the town that there were the usual plants and the visibility wasn’t too bad. As we went deeper, though, a thick ivy began to cover the trees. This plant, called a purple watashizuta, had giant purple leaves — up to twice as big as those ofkuzu— and our range of vision was greatly reduced. For this reason, the trees were marked with ribbons and scratches at regular intervals to indicate how to get back to town.

I paused in front of a tree tangled in purple watashizuta and picked up something at its base that looked somewhat like a giant pinecone.

“I think you’ve heard about this from your lectures, but from here on, there will be almost no dead leaves or dry branches. Do you remember what to do in places like this?”

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