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I untied the basket made ofhaganezutafrom my right hip and rolled it onto the ground.

“Let’s get out of the forest!”

Dragons and water wolves could create fire and water to attack with. Creatures with such abilities that could harm people were called monsters in this world.

An incense talisman played the role of keeping them at bay. However, the incense I had chosen, made ofmayokegusa, had an attractive aroma for large monsters. Though, large monsters hardly appeared in this area, so mayokegusa could usually be used safely. If I were to continue carrying it around, it’d keep the monsters informed about where I was, but if I were to leave it somewhere, the dragon might get a little distracted.

While walking with the children at a pace fast enough to start running at a moment’s notice, I felt for the sword on my left hip. I removed the thin belt that held the hilt to the scabbard just in case, but to be honest, if a dragon actually appeared, there wouldn’t be much I could do.

“Is… Is a scary monster coming?” Liliana whispered with a tense face. Holding me with his little hand, Leonardo also looked pale.

“It’s a dragon… Thehimekoryuuthat isn’t afraid of even an avaleyu cow1is running away, so there’s a dragon around.”

“No way, Sumire-chan! Are we going to die?”

“We’ll be in town soon. It might not notice us since there are adventurers on the lookout nearby.”

“Hey, Fikar, you can beat it up when it comes, right?!” Marth, who was holding hands with the himekoryuu, shouted.

Fikar, who was walking without hurry due to his long legs, nodded after a moment of thought.

Is that so~

Fikar, like me, registered with the Adventurer’s Guild after arriving in this town. The same person can’t register twice, so the guild had first checked the registration list, but they couldn’t find any data on his name, blood, or palmprint. From that point on, he gained stars faster than me, and three months ago, when he started participating in more and more distant subjugation missions, he already had four stars. Adventurers aiming for five or more stars usually went up by one star a year with training and experience.

Flying dragons were bigger than flightless dragons, but it supposedly required three or more adventurers with at least six stars to defeat a flying one.

No matter how strong or athletic Fikar was, the task was too great.

Moreover, he had four people, including me, and one animal as dead weight.

“Sumire! Are the children okay?!”


As we hurried to leave the forest, a young man came running to join us. A little shorter than Fikar and with sturdy muscles, Ludo-san was a 5-star adventurer. Sweat was beading at the roots of his short dark blue hair and he was holding his bow — his best weapon — in his hand, keeping his sword where it could easily be drawn.

“I heard a cry from the sky. The whistle is likely to attract dragons, so I sent the

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