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For a whole day, Gu Han Guang was outside forcefully trying to pry an opening in the force field.

But then again it was a fact, other than Gu Han Guang’s medical expertise, his cultivation of internal energy was not as high compared to the North Mountain Lord. Furthermore, did not even need to compare with the rest of the Dark Guards either… Additionally, looking at the way that North Mountain Lord interacted with Jiang Wu, Jiang Wu’s cultivation base could only be higher than Yuan Jie’s.

A difference in strength could actually create a wide distance for people on the path of demonic or celestial cultivation. Jiang Wu was so confident; he definitely understood his own strength. Therefore, it was normal for Gu Han Guang to not be able to break through his enchantment barrier.

On the bed, Zhi Yan hugged her knees in withdrawal while her eyes fixated blankly on a place: “What to do now? I think I may possibly be taken away.”

As I stroked my chin, I pondered: “How about I give your Big Uncle a dream tonight.”

Yesterday, when Qin Qian Xian was at Wu E Hall, he made a force field that even I was unable to get through. It was clear that in this respect of casting enchantment barriers, his knowledge had become very deep. It would be more suitable to let him come and solve this problem. Additionally, Zhi Yan was still his biological niece; he definitely would not heartlessly watch her get taken away by Jiang Wu.

Finally waited until evening to come, I was preparing to leave. Zhi Yan’s spirit vigorously separated from her body and she hesitantly said:

“From a young age, my Big Uncle cultivates the Bodhisattva’s path. At present, I already don’t know how many years it has been. What if he… Wants to harm you?”

To be honest, in fact, I was feeling a little nervous.

As a ghost, I really did not want to be in contact with a Bodhisattva cultivator at all, especially someone like Qin Qian Xian who had cultivated the Bodhisattva path to a certain realm. What if he chanted the sutra and then suddenly I transcended this world?

However, worries bred worries; what should be done was still the same and it could not be stopped either.

“Stay here. I delivered this body of yours into Jiang Wu’s hand, so I will definitely make sure you leave safely.”

Once again, I searched for the ghost market and spent five thousand coins to buy an Entering Dream Pill that lasts half an incense time. I called out his name three times, the surrounding environment darkened, and I plunged into the darkness again. I heard the sounds of footsteps, unlike Gu Han Guang’s, Qin Qian Xian walked more steadily and a little more slowly, like walking leisurely in the courtyard, and then he saw me.

I raised my head first and smiled to express my own friendliness. He did not say anything and quickly sat in the lotus position to help me transcend: “Qin Sect Leader.”

Qin Qian Xian silently looked at me for a short moment, his compassionate Bodhisat

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