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I avoided Mo Qing’s eyes for a while, and the silence in the side hall gradually calmed me down. The more I thought about it, the more it did not feel right.

Why did I have to hide?

I, Lu Zhao Yao, lived in such an unbridled way for so many years and had not yet seen a real ghost. Although there are many people in the world who claimed that they had seen ghosts, but they could never produce any evidence. These hard to prove things had always been part of legends. He, Mo Qing, kept staring at me like that because in the daytime, I am one way and in the nighttime, I am another way. So he was just suspicious. As long as I did not admit that I am Lu Zhao Yao, could he really ferret me out?

I revived my morale and planned to verbally cross swords with Mo Qing again for a few rounds. But when I turned my head, I saw that Mo Qing had already stood up. His back faced me, his voice flat and unbroken:

“Tomorrow, you will go to Cang Shu Pavilion in Qian Ren Cliff to find the book.”

After he said this, his figure looked like it was blown away by the wind, and just like that, he left.

My entire morale was thoroughly wiped away. Obviously I got his permission, but it seemed like in this verbal match, my heart felt … Like I lost.

I was a little upset. I went back to Xi Yue Peak and was planning to bully Zhi Yan to vent my anger. In the end, I spent half the day in our room looking for her soul but could not find her anywhere.

It was late at night and I did not know where she went. I left our room and unsuccessfully searched for her around Xi Yue Peak. Immediately I caught a demon cultivator that was passing by. I opened my mouth to ask if he had seen Zhi Yan. Then I remembered that these people could not see her soul, I immediately changed the topic: “The wind is cool, the moon is bright, and the night is perfect. Do you want to burn some ghost money to comfort a lonely soul?”

The demon cultivator’s face dripped with sweat, but he did not dare to offend me. He shuddered and asked: “Burn… Burn for whom?”

I smiled: “Lu Qiong.”

The demon cultivator’s complexion immediately changed and promptly broke free of my hand. He looked around nervously, completely ignored me, and frantically ran away.

What was this, you guys could not burn some ghost money for your sect founder and you became scared like this? I turned around to glare at Wu E Hall high up on the mountain’s peak. I squinted and pondered, well good for Mo Qing. After you snatched my position, you brainwashed the subordinates that was a pretty good move.

I returned to my room, quietly meditated, I reflected about my current chaotic life, how should I deal with it and find a way out. And Zhi Yan did not come back all night, until the morning sun appeared; I was pushed out of her body.

It was true that before I was unfamiliar with it, but now I got used to it. This time, I calmly and immediately floated to one side with my arms crossed and watched Zhi Yan

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