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choroniturismo > Almighty Sword Domain > Chapter 1416 – Here’s To Propose A Marriage?
It didn’t take long for the Celestial Demon’s voice to stop abruptly.

After that, the Celestial Demon’s terrified voice arose in Yang Ye’s mind, “What’s that? What is that? Aah! No!”

The Celestial Demon’s voice gradually weakened until it vanished.

A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. After all, the Celestial Demon had courted death. As for what the Celestial Demon had said earlier, he naturally didn’t believe it.

After all, just look what happened to the Demon Lord!

The Demon Lord wasn’t dead, but he was completely crippled. At the moment that Celestial Demon had left his body, the Celestial Demon had taken away all the vitality and energy within the Demon Lord, but the Demon Lord couldn’t resist at all and stop it. He could only watch helplessly as the Celestial Demon did that!

It was the price he paid!

Strength that was obtained through relying on others was like an illusion in the end, and it couldn’t be relied on.

After the Primordial Pagoda killed the Celestial Demon, the scales made of stellar energy around Yang Ye had gradually vanished, and then a feeling of weakness and emptiness swept through Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s head felt like it exploded, and then he collapsed on Qiong Qi’s back.

Zhuang Weiran’s trembling voice resounded, “You….”

Once the Demon Lord and Celestial Demon were killed, the forces of Celestial Demon Stellar Region immediately fled or died in the process.

Nothing unexpected occurred after that and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was victorious.

Countless people cheered and howled throughout Clouds of Heaven City.

They were excited and venting.

People who had never faced death would never know how great it was to be alive. Only by experiencing a near death experience would one cherish life even more.

Clouds of Heaven City. Within a room.

The room wasn’t very luxurious, but it was quite exquisite. Even though the decorations here were simple, it wasn’t difficult to realize the owner was a woman.

It was Zhuang Weiran’s room.

Yang Ye was lying on the bed with his eyes closed tight. His face was extremely warped while sharp slaughter intent and sword intent frequently arose from within him. At this moment, his sword intent and slaughter intent were very violent.


Over exhausting the body would cause one to be weak at the very most, and it wasn’t a huge problem. But forcefully improving sword intent would make one suffer from backlash, and that backlash was definitely very painful. If it was possible, Yang Ye wanted to shout out a little or slam the ground to vent his pain.

But he couldn’t!

Because Zhuang Weiran was by his bed, and he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of her.

Wasn’t it just some pain? He just had to endure it!

Endure it!

Zhuang Weiran stared at him without blinking. She knew that Yang Ye was in extreme pain, but she was helpless. Her strength wasn’t sufficient, and it wa

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