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choroniturismo > Almighty Sword Domain > Chapter 1415 – An Ancient Celestial Demon!
“Right!” Qiong Qi nodded and was about to charge forward. Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran suddenly obstructed their paths.

She shook her head and said, “That might be an ancient Celestial Demon.”

“An ancient Celestial Demon?” Yang Ye frowned, “What’s that?”

She spoke solemnly, “No one knows where they came from, and we just know that there’s a ‘魔’ character on their foreheads. They are ethereal yet actually exist, and they rely on illusions, the spirit, and the soul to attack. They are exceptionally skilled in creating illusions and attacking the minds of cultivators, causing cultivators to lose control of themselves before they occupy the cultivator’s body instead. They can use the body to cultivate and continuously strengthen themselves.”

Zhuang Weiran paused for a moment at this point, and then she continued, “We’ve investigated the Celestial Demon Lord. While he possessed exceptional natural talent in the past, it wasn’t very outstanding. But for some unknown reason, his strength rose rapidly, and his cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. It only took him a short while to conquer countless worlds. We guessed that he’d obtained some sort of inheritance, but I never imagined that he obtained the inheritance of a Celestial Demon, and he even had one within him!”

Suddenly, the ethereal figure spoke, “Little girl, you know quite a bit about us!”

Zhuang Weiran turned to look at the ethereal figure and said, “We have no intention to become enemies with you, so you can leave. But you must leave the Celestial Demon Lord behind.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye withdrew some divine crystals and swallowed them before looking at the Celestial Demon. He knew that there was naturally a reason why Zhuang Weiran hadn’t allowed him and Qiong Qi to attack. So, he didn’t attack impatiently. In any case, the Celestial Demon Lord was almost crippled. As for him, while he didn’t have the strength to fight anymore, he still had Qiong Qi and Zhuang Weiran by his side!

As for the battle on the ground below, there was no need to worry about it. Because the forces of Celestial Demon Stellar Region were almost completely annihilated, and their remaining forces were barely holding on.

“Become enemies with me?” The Celestial Demon laughed coldly, “All of you?”

Zhuang Weiran was about to say something, but Yang Ye stopped her and patted Qiong Qi’s back, “Kill him!”

Qiong Qi clearly didn’t like the Celestial Demon as well, so he immediately pounced at the Celestial Demon and the Demon Lord.

“You’re courting death!” A savage expression instantly appeared on the Celestial Demon’s face when he saw Yang Ye and Qiong Qi attack, and he waved his right hand and claws at Yang Ye from afar.


A terrifying wave of force slammed against Qiong Qi. While it was very strong, it was quite weak to Yang Ye and Qiong Qi. So, they shot forward and slammed against the Celestial Demon and Demon Lord.

“No!” A shrill cry resounded as the Celestial

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