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I am called Dao Huai for that is my given name. My title is also Dao Huai, meaning Saberheart.

It means that I will always carry the blade. My parents gave me this name because I was born embracing a divine saber.

I trained with the blade at one year old and had some accomplishments at eight. I began to test my dao at fifteen and was able to become a god at thirty. Despite that, I was already referred to as the Saber God when I was ten. I didn’t truly become one, of course, till I was thirty.

In this world, people have always claimed to be Saber God but in my eyes, they were all just kids playing with their toy sabers.

The saber is my weapon as well as my best friend. Most importantly, it is my life.

Even though I was more than three hundred years old after becoming Immortal Emperor, but this was not my proudest achievement compared to becoming the Saber God. It was my lifelong pursuit. Immortal Emperor was only something I obtained after entering the dao with my saber.

The world says that an Immortal Emperor was the apex of the grand dao but in my eyes, the dao of the saber is limitless.

It has its own life, prettier than any beauties in this world. Even though I was also known as the wife of the most beautiful woman in the nine worlds, I am still not as pretty as the blade in my hand.

In my life, if I could solve something with one slash, a second one would never need to come out. But I don’t know why the inhabitants of this world only remember me as an Immortal Emperor but not my invincible saber dao. Perhaps it is because I came from the Thousand Emperors Gate as its second emperor. People recorded my royal achievement but not my unstoppable dao!

I am Immortal Emperor Dao Huai, born with the blade. With it in my hands, I have nothing to fear in this world. I would even fight against the venerable Immortal Emperor Hao Hai as long as my blade is by my side!

Ugh, but my blade was taken away by my wife tonight…. This is why I’m here chatting with everyone…

Oh, I also forgot something important. This Immortal Emperor, no, this Saber God is the second prettiest beauty in the nine worlds but the truth is that I still think I’m prettier than my number one wife.

Haha, I am just kidding. How could a pretty and gifted female Immortal Emperor like me have a wife? But I do have one bastard instead. Yes, it is that bastard who is always hiding. One day, I will deal with him…

The moon is quite round tonight. I wonder if that bastard is pretending to be a little girl again; a little swindling girl who says: “Hey, you and I are connected by fate…”

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