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Eventually he formed his plan, and under his direction, she took the 280 Freeway to the Sixth Street exit and turned right onto Brannan, then made a U-turn and pulled into the depressed curb s.p.a.ce outside an industrial roll-up garage door to a good-sized and completely darkened warehouse. Mickey got out into the now frankly bitter night and pushed the b.u.t.ton on the box next to the metal door adjacent to the garage's entrance.

When no one answered, he got back into the car and directed Alicia to turn right at the next corner, then to take another quick right into the alley behind Brannan. She pulled over and stopped by a low stoop under a darkened door that he knew to be painted bright orange by day. The light over the door, and all the windows in a row high along the wall, were dark. But Mickey knew where he was going as he got out of the car again and found the key right where it was supposed to be, tucked into a magnet case that was stuck against the upper inside edge of a floor vent on the side of the stoop.

He told Alicia to wait where she was. Then, opening the back door, he let himself into Hunt's warehouse on the residential side. He deactivated the alarm, and then, turning on lights as he walked through the kitchen, den, hallway by the bedroom, he let himself into the ma.s.sive basketball court side, then crossed to the door next to the garage and unlocked it. Retracing his steps, in spite of his gimpy walk, he was in seconds back in Alicia's car, directing her down to the end of the alley, then through another couple of right turns back onto Brannan, and then waiting by the curb while he let himself in again, and pushed the b.u.t.ton to raise the garage door. As soon as she was all the way inside, with Mickey getting her parked so she'd be out of the way of Wyatt's Cooper, another push of the b.u.t.ton let the garage door down.

Alicia let herself out of the car and stood dumbstruck, turning all the way around as she attempted to take it all in-the half basketball court, the guitars and audio stuff, the computers against the opposite wall. "Where are we?" she finally asked.

"My boss lives here. Pretty cool, huh?"


It may have been unbelievable, but it was also very cold on this side of the warehouse, and in another minute they were inside the living area, where the temperature was close to seventy degrees. Alicia found herself a seat in a leather- and-chrome reading chair in the den and Mickey went to help himself to a couple of beers from Hunt's refrigerator. He brought back the Pilsner Urquells and a corkscrew that doubled as a bottle opener. "I could open these," he said, "but I bet you could do it easier."

"I bet I could too." She opened both bottles, pa.s.sed one to Mickey, who gingerly sat on Hunt's tan leather couch. "So did I miss something?" she asked. "Does your boss know we were coming here?"

Mickey tipped up his bottle. "I don't see how he could have, since I didn't know i

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