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an ......."

As Swift blinked, Hines replied frankly.

"Archbishop Latium of Telian Doctrine."

At the moment Swift's eyes shined and shone.

"Your Majesty is the one who said that he will become the slave of the Telian Doctrine."

"Yes, I am going to offer you a building that you can use as a temple along the lines of your majesty ......."

"I wanted bigger buildings in the center of the castle and a mosque outside, and now I remember."

I have forgotten about the various things of the Kingdom and the work of the Holy Land.

Swift turned his head and looked at Heinz.

"Have I ever received a report?"

"Because there was no special content, it is being handled by the government officials."

It is also the case that the temple of Latium and Telian Doctrine has not begun its official activities in 10 days.

Swift nodded as he counted in his head.

Curiosity emerged in both eyes.

"What are you doing now?"


Heinz clearly did not understand the situation and could not easily answer.


"I read to the children."

I heard a heavy bass.

Swift and Heinz turned their heads and found the main character of the voice.

"Oh, Piccio Corps Commander."

Swift slowly bowed with a soft look.

The main character of the voice was the Royal Capital Mediasis and Piccio Ropole Viscount, Corps Commander of Royal Capital Defense Corps, who defended the area.

He gently patted Swift and Heinz and looked at Latium.

Swift naturally turned his head and looked at Latium.

"Are you reading something like a Bible?"

Swift asked again carefully.

Piccio smiled faintly and shook his head.

"No, he read fables and fairy tales.Don't lie, do not steal, do not be unbalanced, do your utterance, exercise ... I read the funny stories with a lot of lessons every day."

"i See."

Swift nodded with a little surprised expression.

In fact, he thought Telian Doctrine would also focus on evangelism and mission, just like Devesis Church.

But Latium was trying to teach what was right and wrong, rather than reading the Bible or sharing God's Word.

Swift turned his head and looked at the crowded crowd.

"So what are the elderly people over there doing?"

Older elderly people will not be listening to fairy tales or fables.

The elderly lined up with loud wooden chairs and chatted among themselves.

Piccio responded with a smile.

"You are being rested in the temple for treatment."


Swift turned into a surprised expression.

This time, Heinz replied instead of Piccio.

"Ten days ago I started to do official activities and started to heal the diseases of Kingdom people. I am writing this report to report separately."


Swift shed a low penetration.

He looked at the elderly and said the following.

"Are you treating the Divine?"

"Yes, but because of the limitations in personnel and divine power, I can not cure any

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